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Strange behaviour
PHP-NukeHi All,

It's been a long time since I've done much on this site, but there is definitely something strange going here at the moment, so until further notice user registrations have been disabled.


Posted by Tom on Saturday, July 13 @ 18:37:17 PDT (4226 reads)
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Site Damage

If you have an account on this site, you may want to change your password. The backend got trashed a couple of days ago and at this time I can't identify how it was done... better be safe than sorry, right.

I think I have cleaned up most of the mess, at least I did have a recent backup that was still in good condition. I think in the coming months I'll have to have a good look at what I can do to make the site more robust.

At least there is a slight silver lining on this rain cloud. Working in IT security you get to meet some nice gents from a certain US agency, that takes interest in how these things happen. Specially when some fragments seem to be from individuals from a certain East European country.. Hint.. Hint.


Posted by Tom on Friday, January 18 @ 05:18:16 PST (19509 reads)
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Software Awards on Download Sites
PHP-NukeHi Folks,

If you have had to look around on some software sites for some little tool you needed, this article may be of interest to you.

It would appear that not every 5 star submission is worth it. I'll let you make up your own mind. :)

Posted by Tom on Friday, August 17 @ 17:34:27 PDT (28550 reads)
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Vista, Intel 915 and Aero
WindowsWell, looks like I've joined the crowd of pissed off PC users that are stuck with the Intel 915GM chipset. With a fairly new high end laptop, less than 12 months old, bought with the promise (at the time of purchase) of being ďvista readyĒ, I now canít use all I have installed. I donít get Aero, Movie Maker & DVD Maker. So much for being ready! Even if I canít get Aero to work, no one ever told me that apps like Movie Maker, which worked fine on the laptop with XP, now will no longer work.
Posted by Tom on Sunday, April 08 @ 04:35:38 PDT (22324 reads)
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No Sony for me this Christmas...
PHP-NukeIs it just me, of are people offended by the dirty underhanded way that Sony decided to add a rootkit to (some of) their CD's, which gets installed silently when you play the CD? This Story at Groklaw raises some interesting comments.

I accept they want to protect their rights, but who said they can trample on their customers rights to do so.

I hope enough people will contact Sony and tell them about all the sales they are missing out on, thanks to their ignorant behavior.

No Sony for me this Christmas....
Posted by Tom on Tuesday, November 15 @ 02:12:05 PST (71709 reads)
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